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Germantown Auto Repair

Trust, Transparency, and Free Valet Pick-Up and Return

What makes our Germantown service different?

✔  Free valet pick-up and drop-off saves time and stress

✔  Complimentary video inspection of your vehicle

✔  Competitive and transparent pricing + free light clean

✔  Real time text communication/updates

✔  12,000 mile/12-month warranty

Valet Auto Repair and Maintenance Services in Germantown

Are you a vehicle owner in Germantown looking for convenient, quality automotive services? Roda can help you with our on-the-go solutions. We offer customer-friendly automotive maintenance and repair alternatives to cater to all your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Our Services

Roda, Germantown offers safe and convenient concierge repair and maintenance. We can fetch your car, do the work, and drop it off afterward, so you can carry on with your day.


Even if you take meticulous care of your car, sometimes repairs are needed. We can assist with a range of repair needs with our concierge car repair services. For the best car repair value for money and customer care in Germantown, ours is the team you are looking for.


Roda in Germantown can provide an array of vehicle maintenance work. Whether it is a regular service or a special request check-up, we've got you covered. We provide car care services like:


Air filter changes

Windscreen wiper replacement

We also have the facilities and knowledge to rotate or replace your tires. Roda can safely give your car an oil change as well.

Mobile Maintenance and Repairs

Our mobile auto maintenance services are quick, convenient, and safe for our Germantown customers. Instead of sitting in our waiting room all day, we'll come to you.

We also offer a contactless car service for people who wish to maintain a safe social distance. All our repair and maintenance services include a complimentary vehicle germ clean to keep you and your family safe.

Schedule Service

If it's time to give your car some care in Germantown, contact Roda to schedule service. Our well-trained technicians can assist you with any service you need!

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