Diagnose Fluid Leak

Puddle under your vehicle? A minor fluid leak can lead to major repairs if left undiagnosed. Roda can help you diagnose and fix a fluid leak before it turns into a big issue. 

Pricing Varies with Vehicle

What makes a Roda diagnosis different

  • Every diagnosis comes with a report and explanation from your Technician and Client Experience Manager on the status of your wheel's alignment. 
  • Free valet pick-up and drop-off saves time and stress
  • Complimentary video inspection of your vehicle with every service
  • Competitive and transparent pricing + free light clean
  • Real time text communication/updates
  • 12,000 mile/12-month warranty

Frequently Asked Fluid Leak Questions

A drip here and there may seem less important, but the fluids in your car are vital and any issue should be addressed swiftly to prevent more advanced damage to your engine or other systems. If you can readily identify the fluid as water, it could be just condensation from your A/C unit or engine; but any colored liquid or synthetic fluid is cause for concern.

Several types of fluids can leak from your car, including brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and engine oil. The color or consistency of a puddle can give you a clue to what it might be, and could be helpful to note when booking your service. A professional can give you an accurate diagnosis and ensure the repairs or refills recommended are appropriate to your needs.