Replace Cabin Filter

Your cabin filter helps maintain the quality of air in the interior of your vehicle, and is a last line of defense between you and air intake (pollen, diesel exhaust, fumes) from the outdoors. It should be replaced regularly as it becomes clogged. 


What makes a Roda Cabin Air Filter Replacement different?

Roda Tip: We often include this service with many of our specials, if you need an oil change or other maintenance, check our specials page to see if there’s a current service bundle that meets your needs.

  • Every cabin air filter replacement service comes with a report and explanation from your Technician and Client Experience Manager on the status of your wheel's alignment. 
  • Free valet pick-up and drop-off saves time and stress
  • Complimentary video inspection of your vehicle with every service
  • Competitive and transparent pricing + free light clean
  • Real time text communication/updates
  • 12,000 mile/12-month warranty

Frequently Asked Alignment Questions

You should replace your cabin air filter about every 15,000 miles. You may need to replace it more frequently if you’re driving on gravel roads or in conditions where dust is an issue.

When you don’t change your cabin air filter, it can reduce the effectiveness of your A/C unit, or cause the windows to fog up and not clear properly. Often, bad smells are an indicator of a clogged cabin air filter.