Auto Repair Services

Roda services all makes and models, and can help with almost any repair. If you aren't sure what you need, we will start with a diagnosis and provide a complimentary inspection report detailing what your car needs. 

We do it all - Maintenance, repairs and detailing on all makes and models

Our certified technicians perform thousands of services.


AC/Heating Issue
Balance and Rotate Tires
Battery Replacement/Problem Starting
Diagnose Check Engine Light
Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance
Mount and Balance Tires
Odor Removal
Oil Change
Pre-Purchase Inspection
Replace Alternator
Replace Bulb(s)
Replace Cabin Filter
Replace Engine Air Filter
Replace Brake Pads and Rotors
Replace Wiper Blades
Replace Key Fob Battery
Replace Spark Plugs
Rotate Tires
Tire Issue
Tire Plug


Whether you just want your car to look its best, or you are getting it ready for resale, Roda can help with interior and exterior detailing.

Deluxe Hand Detail
Drain Cowl Cleaning
Express Exterior Detail
Headlight Restoration
Interior Detail
Odor Removal
Underbody Vehicle Cleaning


In order to keep your engine running optimally, you need to have regular maintenance such as oil changes or engine air filter replacements.

Coolant System Pressure Test
Coolant System Repairs
Diagnose Fluid Leak
Drive Belt / Serpentine Belt Replacement
Engine Bay Cleaning
Motor / Engine Mount Replacement
Oil Change
Replace Engine Air Filter
Replace Spark Plugs
Replace Starter
Replace Valve Cover Gasket
Replace Water Pump


The purpose of the drivetrain is to couple the engine that produces power to the driving wheels that use this power to rotate the axle. Roda can help diagnose power steering issues as well as other drivetrain issues such as transmission issues; or help performance maintenance such as transmission fluid draining and refill.

CVT Transmission Drain & Refill
Diagnose Steering & Suspension Concern
Diagnose Transmission Issue
Replace Axle
Replace CV Boots
Replace Lower Control Arms
Replace Lug Nuts - Wheel Fasteners
Replace Outer Tie Rod Ends
Replace Power Steering Pump
Replace Power Steering Rack & Pinion Assembly
Replace Rear Shock Absorbers
Replace Sway Bar Links
Replace Upper Control Arms
Replace Wheel Bearings
Transmission Fluid Drain & Refill


Everyone knows how important brakes are for keeping you safe! Whether you need brake pads and rotors, or drum brakes, Roda will inspect your brakes and make appropriate recommendations to keep you and your family safe.

Brake Fluid Exchange
Diagnose Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Concern
Diagnose Brake System Issue
Replace Brake Caliper
Replace Front Brake Pads and Rotors
Replace Rear Drum Brakes
Replace Rear Brake Pads and Rotors


From replacing your battery to doing a full electrical system diagnosis, Roda will keep your car running smoothly and reliably. Our team can also check on your car's sensors such as O2 sensors, fuel pressure sensors, and air flow sensors to make sure they are working as intended.

Diagnose Airbag Malfunction Indicator
Diagnose Check Engine Light
Electrical System Diagnosis
Replace Alternator
Replace Battery
Replace Bulb(s)
Replace Fuel Pressure Sensor
Replace Key Fob Battery
Replace Mass Air Flow Sensor
Replace O2 Sensor(s)


Having a properly functioning HVAC in your vehicle makes for a comfortable ride. If your AC is not blowing cold, or it's time to replace your cabin filter, Roda can help.

Recharge A/C Refrigerant
Replace AC Compressor
Replace Blower Motor
Replace Cabin Filter


Whether you have a flat or just need a new set of tires, Roda will make sure your tires are safe to drive on. Regular tire maintenance such as balancing and rotating tires can help extend the life of your tires, so don't forget to schedule these services.

Balance and Rotate Tires
Diagnose Tire Issue
Mount and Balance Tires
Replace Tire Pressure Sensors
Rotate Tires
Tire Plug
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Malfunction indicator Diagnosis

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