August 31, 2023

5 signs your car needs a tune-up

It’s not always easy to know when your car needs service. By paying closer attention to the sounds our car makes and how it feels to drive, we can more easily assess when it’s time for service. Today on the blog, we’re detailing five clear signs your car needs a tune up:

1. Weird Sounds

Squealing, Squeaking, and Screeching, oh my!

Does your car squeal when you touch the brakes? Does your car groan when you take a hard turn? Whirring sounds coming from under the hood? Some engine sound is normal, but if you’re hearing any new noises, it’s likely time to schedule service so a technician can further diagnose the problem.

2. The Car is Stalling

If you have an automatic transmission (aka, no “stick shift”) your vehicle shouldn’t be stalling as you stop, start, and reverse. If your car begins to stall, or you’re hearing crunching noises as you change gears, it’s time to schedule service.

3. The Dashboard has One or More Lights On

This one seems obvious, but it’s worth repeating: if your dashboard has any lights on, it’s time for a tune up. Whether it’s a check engine light, tire pressure light, or another indicator, it’s important to listen to your car when it alerts you of any issues.

4. Unusual Shaking or Vibrating

Often due to alignment or wheel issues, any kind of shaking, trembling, or vibrating are cause for concern and you should schedule service if you are experiencing any of the above.  This could be a safety issue and/or a sign that you’re losing efficiency reducing your miles per gallon.

5. The Manual Says Your Due for Service

No one wants to spend their days reading a vehicle manual, but it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with the timeline of service recommended by the manufacturer for your specific make, model and year of manufacture.

These schedules are set-up by the people who know your car best — the people who built it! — and are designed to improve performance and extend life. That translates into maintaining the value of your car and reducing the chance of something going wrong unexpectedly.

As always, we’re here for you when it’s time for service. There’s no need to stress anymore when it comes to tuning up your vehicle- just schedule service online with a click of a button and we’ll take it from there. Our valet service will pick your car up, service it, disinfect it, and return it safe and sound back to you. It’s that easy.