April 30, 2024

What's the difference between a diagnosis and a multi-point inspection?

Roda recently announced that our diagnosis services are now free. We’re excited about that, but you may be wondering -- what’s the big deal? Aren’t these always free? 

The answer is no - historically, our diagnostic services started at $100 for diagnosis beyond our complimentary multi-point safety inspection. Why? Because simply put, diagnostics go far beyond what is covered under our normal inspection.

Multi-Point Inspection

A multi-point inspection is included with every service to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Our technicians do a comprehensive visual examination of traditional wear and tear components, preventative maintenance and safety items, and any miscellaneous items we feel you may need to be aware of that can be spotted with a visual inspection.

  • Measure the depth of your tire tread, tire pressure, and the thickness of your brakes
  • Inspect fluid levels (oil, brake fluid, transmission, power steering fluid) and air filters
  • Test battery and drive belts
  • Check the functionality of horn, seat belts and pedals
  • Check all lights 


A diagnosis is never the first step - typically, a diagnosis happens once a code has been read or a “symptom” found - for example a sound when driving or an air conditioner that doesn’t work. The inspection or symptom gives our technician a clue of where to look, but the diagnosis comes with the troubleshooting and labor of our skilled technicians to identify the root cause of the symptom or light on your dashboard. 

Sometimes, diagnostics follow a diagnostic “flow chart” where we use process of elimination to identify the root cause of any problem - as it relates to HVAC systems, we always try to be conservative with our diagnostics to fix things in the most economical and efficient way for the customer.

We believe in trust and transparency at Roda, and waiving diagnostic fees is a big step in living that mission. You can trust that we have your best interest in mind and are not looking for ways to upsell or overcharge.