August 18, 2023

Tire alignments: maintenance that can save you money

Imagine an invisible line that runs through the center of your vehicle. Your tires, and the drive system that operates them, are specially angled off that center line based on manufacturer specifications so that your vehicle moves smoothly and efficiently. The process of aligning or balancing your tires involves a technician elevating your vehicle and carefully inspecting the current angles, wear on your tire tread, and other factors to re-adjust them. Tire alignments are an often overlooked or deferred maintenance practice that truly can extend the life of your tires, improve your mileage, and save you on major repairs in the long term.

How do you know if you’re overdue for an alignment?

As your tires wear, and particularly if they begin to wear unevenly, it can cause vibrations that lead to damage to your drive system, suspension, or ball joints. As a driver, you may notice early signs of this when your vehicle pulls you to one direction or another on the road. Visible wear that seems more prominent on one tire versus another, or frequently having to replace single tires, can also indicate you’re overdue for an alignment.

How often should you get a tire alignment?

A good rule of thumb is to get an alignment every 5,000 miles, but for those local to the DC, Maryland, Virginia area take this bit of advice from one of Roda’s own Stephen Anderson, “If your commute has you going over poorly maintained roads or construction zones regularly, then you would want to have an alignment done more often.” Getting into a regular habit, like including an alignment with every other oil change, can extend the life of your tires and your steering components. 

Replacing drive system components can be costly, and this simple maintenance best practice can save you big. We offer transparent & competitive pricing on alignments, tire balancing, and all basic services. The cost of a tire alignment with Roda is just $139. Not sure if you need an alignment or other tire services? Give us a call, and as always, the valet service to pick-up and return your car is free.