August 25, 2023

Does quality matter when it comes to tires?

We’ve talked about tires a couple of times on the blog- from a discussion about how long they should last to giving you tips about how to check the tread depth on your tires before embarking on a holiday road trip. One question we haven’t answered, though, is does quality matter when it comes to selecting tires?

Today, we’re discussing the importance of tires – what role they play in your vehicle and why quality matters.

From our tire services page:

“Tires are the one thing that comes between you and the road. Having tires in good repair is critical to driving safety and comfort. Worn tires lose traction which increases likelihood of skidding on a turn or sliding when you’re trying to stop. That’s true in all weather but especially in wet, snowy, or icy conditions.”‘

When it’s time to replace one or all of your tires, the reason for choosing a higher quality tire is simple: performance and longevity.

Performance: Braking power, road traction, and durability (i.e. less likely to puncture)

Longevity: Higher quality tires tend to last longer so your dollar goes further

There are a few different types of tires, and it’s always best to consult your technician and manufacturer’s manual about the specific needs of your vehicle. For instance, a compact sedan may be perfectly fine with an all-season tire, where a sportier luxury sedan might need a high performance tire with a higher speed rating and handling performance. Read more about tire ratings in this article by Consumer Reports.

If you live in a snowier climate or like to go off-roading (looking at you, Jeep owners!) then you may need special tires for those purposes as well.

As always, we’re here for you whenever it might be time to get new tires or just check out how much life is left in your current set.