August 18, 2023

4 ways to minimize allergens in your car

Tree and grass pollen season (aka now in the DC area!) has us searching for ways to minimize the allergens in our cars and find some relief from relentless pollen. Today, we’re giving you four easy ways to pollen-proof your car and breathe easier.

  1. Replace your Cabin Air Filter. Your Cabin Air Filter filters the air that flows throughout your AC system from outside your vehicle into the cabin (the inside).  If you live in an area with poor air quality, you might need to do it sooner as debris will build up on the filter element more more quickly and make allergies worse. Some vehicles may even need it replaced two to three times per year in extreme circumstances.
  2. Clean the inside of your car. Especially if you have fabric upholstery which holds more debris, make sure the inside of your car is regularly vacuumed – especially the seats and headrests. Keep your windows and sunroof closed as much as possible to minimize the allergens in your car that will blow in on the breeze. Clean the outside too, especially if you find yourself brushing against the car’s exterior often.
  3. Wipe down hard surfaces. Keep a clean microfiber towel handy and wipe down hard surfaces, especially the dashboard and wheel (and other high touch areas) to rid it of dust and pollen.
  4. Keep your cowl drain clean. Your cowl drain is the grille area at the base of your windshield where pollen, leaves, and other debris pile up

We offer two levels of detailing services: Interior and Deluxe. Both packages include a thorough wipe down and vacuuming of the interior of your vehicle, and our Deluxe Hand-Detail ($399) involves a thorough 4-5 hour cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. PLUS, every service comes with free valet pick-up and return from home or work, and a complimentary multi-point safety inspection report with videos and photos of the state of your car.