August 25, 2023

What are the signs of a bad transmission?

Your vehicle’s transmission is the system that brings power from your engine to your wheels so you can drive at any speed. It works by changing gears to provide power when you’re accelerating and efficiency when you are driving at highway speeds. Today, we’re describing 3 key ways you can tell it’s time to schedule your car for transmission service.

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1. Gear “Slippage”

Your car should respond quickly when you press the pedal to accelerate. The engine should rev, and your car should respond accordingly. If you’re noticing that the car jerks or hesitates when you change gears or speeds while you drive, it’s time to have a technician take a look.

2. Leaking or Burning Transmission Fluid

Is your car leaking weird fluid? Leaking fluid can mean a few different things- for example, light brown or black fluid might mean your car is leaking engine oil. Yellow, pink, or green slimy fluid might indicate you’re leaking coolant. If you’re noticing reddish or brown thick liquid coming from your car, it’s possible your transmission fluid is leaking.

3. Your Check Engine Light Is On

Everyone’s least favorite light: the check engine light. This alert can mean many things for your car, but among the possibilities is transmission service is needed. It’s always important to schedule service if you see this light come on – whether its transmission fluid or repair, every car owner should listen to the signals their car is giving them.

When in doubt, let us check it out. If you can’t remember these tips, no worries, we’re here for you. We created Roda so vehicle owners don’t need to be pros, and they don’t need to waste precious time at the service center. Simply make an appointment online and we’ll pick up your vehicle, inspect and service, and return it safe and sound back to you.