November 13, 2023

Selling or Trading-In Car

Better ROI

Get the Most Money When Selling or Trading In Your Car

Get the Most Money When Selling or Trading in Your Car

With loan rates in flux, many car owners consider a trade-in or selling their car before going to the dealership to get the best deal on their next purchase. If that includes you, a few smart maintenance and repair investments can increase its value. When it comes to used car sales, appearances can often matter as much as function. In total, it can be worth it to budget for an extra $500- $1,000 on services that can include


First impressions are crucial when it comes to selling a used car. A clean and well-maintained vehicle gives the impression that the car has been well cared for. It's not just about washing and vacuuming the car; detailing includes deep cleaning and restoring both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. A Deluxe-Hand Detail may even uninstall seats or other components to clean hard-to-reach spaces. This process removes residue, grime, and stains, giving your car a brand-new look. A professionally detailed car can potentially recoup 2-3 times the investment in detailing, just as staging a home before a sale can add to its value.

Preventative Maintenance:

Before putting your car up for sale, address any potential maintenance issues. Buyers are looking for a reliable and safe vehicle, so preventative maintenance will give them peace of mind, knowing that the car has been well-maintained. With your personal Virtual Garage at Roda, it's just one click to find & print records of routine maintenance. Your Virtual Garage gives you a straight-forward history of services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections completed at our shop. By addressing routine maintenance concerns as they come, you can avoid any potential negotiations or price reductions with buyers.

Minor Cosmetic Damage:

The appearance of a car's exterior is often the first thing that buyers notice. Any scratches, dents, or paint chips can be off-putting and may decrease the value of your car. At Roda, technicians often use a special compound wax to remove minor scratches or superficial damage during an appointment. More substantial bodywork would require outside fabricators and specialists in that field. 

Tires and Wheels:

The condition of tires and wheels is also crucial when selling a car. Ensure your tires have enough tread left and are not worn out. If they are, consider investing in new tires or getting them rotated for an even wear pattern. Additionally, keeping the wheels clean and free from curb rash can enhance the overall appearance of your car and know where your wheel locks & keys are

Pricing Strategy:

Determining the right price for your used car can be a tricky task. There are many online resources to look up your car's current value, but market conditions and the supply chain will vary. You may own a model that was very popular but later discontinued, demanding a higher price. Maybe you have a current make or model that's in excellent condition, but financing options for buyers are poor. It's a delicate balance between maximizing your return and ensuring a quick sale. 

A good starting point is to check online resources or use pricing guides to understand the average price range for your make, model, and year. But remember, these are just averages, and the final price should consider the car's condition and mileage. If you've invested in preventative maintenance, detailing, or upgrades, your car might warrant a higher price tag. 

However, it's crucial not to overprice your car, as it may deter potential buyers. Be prepared to negotiate and have some wiggle room in your asking price. Offering some proof of the investments you've made in your car in the form of service records can help justify your pricing and instill confidence in buyers. And remember, transparency is key. Be honest about any issues or repairs that the car might need in the future. Pricing your car fairly and realistically will make it more attractive to buyers and could result in a quicker sale.

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