August 25, 2023

Save money on car repair: transparency in a world of rising prices

Everyone wants to save money, and when it comes to our vehicle- we specifically want to save money on car repair. Car owners have been hit in the wallet especially hard this year with rapidly rising inflation making their dollar go a little less far than it used to. Add in a chip shortage and global supply chain disruptions making car inventory hit an all time low, plus skyrocketing gas prices and you have a recipe for spending way more than you save.

Building a Business Around Transparency

When we started Roda, we researched all the pain points people have when taking care of their car. The results of that research turned into our service roadmap. We built our business around taking an errand most people dread and turning it into a magical experience that gives people back their most valuable resource- time

One of the key things people hate about car maintenance, however, was the lack of transparency around pricing. With little visibility into the breakdown behind their repair costs, they are sick of being swindled into overspending when they take their car in for service. Not only did we want to save people time, but it was also our mission to put car owners back in the driver’s seat when it comes to the costs of car repair and maintenance. It became our goal to bring transparency to a previously black-box process.

Flat Pricing For the Basics

Everyday we’re trying to find new ways to help car owners save money on car repair. We are constantly “in the lab” trying to find new ways to bring pricing transparency to our product and ensure our prices are competitive.  Even though there are tens of thousands of year/make/model combinations, all with different needs when it comes to regular maintenance and big repairs, we will keep finding ways to make saving money on car repair simple, straightforward, and transparent. 

Check out our pricing page for the latest iteration of pricing transparency. Stay tuned for more blogs breaking down how we approach pricing and insights around the true cost of car repair.

As always, email us at if you have any thoughts on how we can make car care even easier.