August 18, 2023

The Roda Commitment: Not Just a Tagline | Blog

When we launched Roda, we wanted to solve for the biggest pain points car owners face when it comes to owning and maintaining their vehicle. For us, this meant solving for the common frustrations that people often have when it comes time to service or repair their vehicle:

The struggle of finding a mechanic who won’t just start working on your car before walking through his estimate and inspection findings with you.

The stress of not knowing if that new shop you went to does good work or if you’ll be dealing with a new set of issues and dashboard lights when their work isn’t high quality.

And what about if you are able to find a reputable mechanic and manage to get your car to their shop and yourself back home, just to realize the quote the shop gives you is way over your budget or not what you wanted done?

There are a lot of things that make car service annoying, inconvenient, and generally a hassle. That’s why it was so important to us when launching Roda to include a promise with every appointment made so that choosing Roda is a no brainer for any car owner.

The Roda Commitment

12 month / 12,000 mile warranty on all work we perform

Gone are the days of driving away from the mechanic and bracing yourself for another light on your dashboard to come on or a new engine noise you don’t remember having before you took your car in. We provide a guaranteed warranty on all work we do on your car- if something comes up, we make it right. Period.

You approve all service before ANY work is done

Surprises are great, except when it comes to paying the mechanic! Communication and transparency come first when you work with us, which means you not only get alerts in real-time about the status of your vehicle from pick up to drop off, but our service advisors also give you a call to walk you through their findings and recommendations before ANY work is performed.

Free valet return if you decide not to work with us

We know sometimes circumstances change, and car repair can get expensive! There are a few reasons why you may decide against getting your car serviced with us (although we hope this doesn’t happen, of course) and we understand that. This tenet of our commitment to you is what makes working with Roda truly risk free.

We are sure that once you try the safest, easiest way to service your car you won’t look back. The Roda Commitment is our way of proving that.